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It breaks my heart to know we can make a change in our attitude. It takes courage, and i know change is not easy , that is why it will be a courageous act. One deciding to take that step toward it and  to do the right thing. Look at the amount of fun they are having in the video, they are making full use of all God's blessings here on earth. Let us try. 

I dont understand this , everyone loves life and the journey is so rough and how can a man or woman think they can go through life without the other? I know we passed on and leave one or the other behind and we have no control over that part of our lives, but it feels dam good to enjoy and having a half twin to share it with. So why dont we all strive to live together and have the goal of understanding one another and being grateful to God for it and for bringing forth beautiful families from such togetherness?

We have to find ways to deal with our emotions, anger issues and not taking it out on the ones we love. 

So domestic Violence Can Be No Longer In The Family. We must seek help. 

Families enjoying delicious meals together. It is the glue which connects us. 

New Days and  New Life We Will Rise Above Domestic Violence.

I think there is so much valuable information in the video and can be beneficial if applied. Anything to prevent domestic violence on each other. We can rise up above that if we only use the same energy to harm those we love to change the situation around. RISE! To a new day and new life. 

It is just not fair for anyone to live life in this way. Look at this child's face, and how the other children are impacted. Don't they  deserve to be happy in life? Just to be in peace? Stop and feel what peace feels like? Then we must conclude, they should have it and nothing else, only happy moments in their childhood. This is a  horrible experience and it shouldn't be.