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About me 

I am an individual who enjoys the simple things in life one step at a time, and has a deep interest in social issues affecting our society, and  during this difficult times of the pandemic, domestic violence has increased and being a victim once myself, compelled me to become an advocate for this problem which plague all societies.

I will get the message out and do my part on this cancerous disease. 

I obtain a very strong abhorrence for this problem and hope the more we speak about it . it can change lives for both the abused and the abuser. 

Tshirts will be the mechanism  used to send the awareness.   This violence is genderless and affect every one no matter their socioeconomic status.

I am an unconventional and conventional woman.

Love to live life  with balance. 

Let us rise above every form of violence save women,men and children: the family in the world. 


We were born strong but together we can get stronger.