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The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1800-799-7233.SAFE. 

 We  are living in very difficult times with this covid19 and rising daily. 

Every day you hear about  domestic violence increasing in  the home. I know of someone it is happening to.  I thought , why don't you   build  this site and combine your message  on the t-shirts with your original  designs? You love to create things with your hands, do it , with purpose and meaning,

My target Audience is women, kids and men who are suffering and have suffered and died  under such evil act., and become  an advocates for them and wants to see it end. It destroys families.

I really hates all forms of abuse and any form of violence.

The message ? Show solidarity and be an advocate to end domestic violence against the family.

  I have to do what is in my heart. I asked myself so many times these questions:

Dont abusers realized that there would not be a society without women? 

Dont they understand women lead and advance society ? 

imagine what society could look like without women.

Why not try show her and her children love?

Why do some women abuse their spouse?

Love is free, and   cost nothing! The best things  in life are  free. Use that abusive energy to do right thing and use those gifts! 

Remember, my website is unique and not typically what you would expect but it is authentic and the world needs more authentication.

.I was  once a victim of domestic violence in the past and that is the reason among others to advocate. join all advocates on this issue...it MUST STOP!



It is very sad and heartwrenching. I had a different business plan for my site, upon hearing how domestic violence has increased with covid19. I decided to send the message  on t-shirts. I am appaulled about  this evil act.  The last time i looked,   cats and dogs were more affectionate than some of us.

I came from work and sitting here with a heavy heart. i just could not get these videos out of my mind. It replayed over and over again. 

I wish it was not an issue in communities, cultures, and the world period. The questions kept coming up, why? Why? Why? Why treat women this way? Are we invisible? How can a person claim to love that person and turn around and inflict such extreme cruelty on them and their children. 

I contemplated, on what society will be like without women ? How will it expand? How will it advance ? What will it look like?  Think about for a minute...

How could abusers not see how valuable we are to the advanement of life together living side by side in this beautiful and unique world of ours?

 God made both of us and we came from each other and we are partners and there is a natural need within the soul that love alone can filled and one is not good without the other and no man is an island? 

I think they should look at the movie cast away maybe the light switch will be turned on...

I feel  strongly about this issue and will not only complain, but take action,  do something in  whichever  ways possible...

It was not my intentions  to create this website to make a meaningful contribution. I did it to start a business selling tshirts, to supplement my income after loosing my full time job, and got a part time. 

In the process of handling my website , i heard the emotional pains  and mental abuse of a friend.. There and then, i decided , she is not alone

This  serious issue affect women the most though men suffered the same. This problem is genderless, ,and  i must bring awareness  on shirts to get the message out there through art.

the message of love, respect , reality and the right to life...

There's only one life and why take a father or a mother and leave the children alone to face the world?....

Think about it...

The whole family unit destroyed...

One in prison, one is dead and one or two in foster care. It is frightening, and should concern everyone. 

He did a great job at putting the spotlight on the value of women and our importance from the holding up the family, friends and neighbors to executive position in industries, and i love his recommendations for change in this generation to improve the next one to come. 

This is pretty powerful, profound, honest, openness and educational . It has taken me into the mind of a man to try and understand where that abusive behavior is coming from. My hope is both male and female learn to understand each other better so we can live together with balance.

Very educational . i wont say much bcuz her information is enough. 

Was listening to an abused man story and the abuser which was the woman whom he loved and had a family. He felt compelled to go on live to tell what the truth was, and in the relationship he confides in her about sexual abuses he had been through as a kids and it was thrown back in his face on social media. 

He described many incidences of abuse and the point he wants men to understand that never should they take abuse from a woman like he did.He felt like nothing, was spat upon, punched, hit, and son being attacked verbally by another girl. 

He recommended she seek help and he still loves her but moving on with his life. He also expressed emphatic comments to all women who have been abused and he has never thought of doing so though he saw his mother had been. 

I commend him for his sincerety and for made a call to action to seek help and to let people know thiese are two people who need help and hurting, and it is not funny. 

I applauded him for addressing the untruth in his opinion.i recommend therapy and conciliation to work through those issues. 

The.National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1800- 799- 7233. SAFE.