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If you believe that women are the twin halves of men then listen what he says in the chorus am gonna love you. Could it truly be the case that they holds what we need.That loving attention we so craved? That was a rhetorical question.

I have few questions about men and women and they are rhetorical. 

Do i believe God created men and women?

Did He gave them different roles?

Is it mandatory to compare both?

Is it possible that each has *a role that is condusive to them?

What can be the downsides to the family structure if the roles are reversed? 

Could family failed or florished? 

What can the upsides be if each embraced the roles made condusive to them?

What is the primary emotion that a man wants from a woman? 

What is the primary emotion that a woman wants from a man?

Does it really worth finding that out by asking each other that question? 

What kind of relationship it might turned out to be if both can figure it out? 

What men know and understand that women are their half twin and compliment each other? 

Do men hold in their primary need the desired fulfilment for what women primary need are  for loving attention to be loved and thought of as priority ?

Do women hold in their primary need the desired fulfilment for what men primary need are for respect to be shown to have them reciprocate by giving women what they need?

What do men hold that women need?

Do men hold what women need ? Such as to feel loved, cherished, always thought of,  nurturing that primary need. Love, protection and the one charge to take care of the other?

What does it mean to show that respect men primarily need?

Could that respect means to trust him in saying i know you will take care of me? I know you will do an amazing job at it? Letting go of my own control? Let go of power? Stop being the boss and domineering? Stop second guessing every statement he makes? Allow him to be himself? Respect ing his knowledge and judgement? Dont doubting him? Not making him feel he is not intelligent? Not treating him as a child? 

If all this respect is given what wil the trade off be? More compassionate? More romance? More love? More admiration that women themselves craved?

Will that respect then makes him becomes the man? And she becomes the woman and therefore create the match that was meant for each other? Is that what it means for him to start treating her as the woman and respect make him becomes the man?  Could that be the results when both roles go into full effect? 

How men become when they are challenged especially by wives? Not argumentative?

Shouldn't he makes his own mistakes and learn from it so he will never do it again and he will not have anybody to get angry with. 


I recommend reading the book called the surrendered wife by Laura Dole. Check it out both men and women can read this book. 





Let us try to understand ourselves and reap the benefits of a partnership instead of inflicting violence on each other. We have a responsibility to protecting the family which consist of the children.love instead!